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About Us



Wndrbox was created in the winter, but really the summer of 2019. Jakal and Sarah Eve started out creating mobile escape rooms that could be run as pop up games or at conventions. After creating 3 games and play testing a bit, we got a new idea, and decided to change our course. We decided to create puzzle boxes for escape room lobbies. In Hope to help unify the escape room community, we want to get a lobby game into as many escape room locations as we can. Not only that, each box is part of a passport program that will allow clients to keep track of the boxes they have completed. Every box is created either entirely by hand, or with the use of repurposed materials found all over the world. Every box is unique in it's own way. Some have moving parts, some of them reset themselves, and some may be just good old fashion locks. We are also willing to create custom boxes tailored to whatever you would like, or customize a game that we have already created. We hope to hear from you soon! Happy Escaping!